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Dual Sermons By Rev. Flemming, Sr. & Jr.-TSR6000

Sermons by The Late Aric Bernard Flemming

Sermons by Timothy Flemming, Jr.

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By Rev. Timothy Flemming, Sr.



TFM001   Nothing Can Keep A Child Of God Down  
    TFM002   One Plus God  
    TFM003   Wait On The Lord  
    TFM004   And God Didn’t Say A Word  
    TFM005   You Can’t Beat God Giving  
    TFM006   Keep Your Window Open  
    TFM007   Fret Not Yourself Because Of Evil Doers  
    TFM008   A Word From Our Sponsor  
    TFM009   Hills Looking Religion  
    TFM010   The King Wants To See You  
    TFM011   The Man At The Door  
    TFM012   Why Do Christians Suffer-Part I  
    TFM013   Why Do Christians Suffer-Part II  
    TFM017   The Purpose Of Trials  
    TFM018   Everybody Talking About Heaven Ain’t Going  
    TFM019   No Hitchhiking To Heaven  
    TFM020   The Need For A Drunk Church  
    TFM021   Warming By The Devil’s Fireplace  
    TFM022   Mr. Big Stuff, God Is Trying To Tell You Something  
    TFM023   A Blessed Man  
    TFM024   Behold The Man  
    TFM025   The Missing Man  
    TFM026   What A Blind Man Saw  
    TFM027   When God Slaps A Man  
    TFM028   The Man With A Withered Hand  
    TFM033   Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled  
    TFM034   Touch Of Faith (preached in Calcutta, India)  
    TFM035   What To Do When Your Wine Run Out (preached in Trinidad)  
    TFM036   No Pain, No Gain  
    TFM041   Let’s Dig Some Ditches  
    TFM042   You Can’t Throw That Stone  
    TFM043   The University Of Hard Knocks  
    TFM044   Making It On Broken Pieces  
    TFM045   All The Pieces Fit  
    TFM046   The Blessing Of Being Broke  
    TFM048   Prayer Meeting at Sister Mary’s House  
    TFM049   The Biggest Liar In Town  
    TFM054   Clean Out Your Closet  
    TFM055   When Your Bed Is Too Short And Your Blanket Too Narrow  
    TFM057   In The Upper Room  
    TFM058   The Eagle Stirreth Her Nest  
    TFM059   Be Careful Who You Try To Hang  
    TFM060   A Good Father With A Bad Boy  
    TFM062   Dancing For The Preacher’s Head  
    TFM063   Lost Axe Head  
    TFM065   Power From On High  
    TFM069   Walking With God  
    TFM070   Ye Must Be Born Again  
    TFM072   Unconditional Serenity  
    TFM073   A Prayer Worth Praying  
    TFM075   If Jesus Had To Pray  
    TFM076   If Jesus Had Run Away  
    TFM080   What Goes Around Comes Around  
    TFM081   Walking Around Alive When You’re Supposed To Be Dead  
    TFM082   An Awesome Declaration  
    TFM083   The Beast From The Sea  
    TFM088   You Don’t Have The Right To Remain Silent  
    TFM089   How To Restore A Fallen Brother  
    TFM090   How to Be Saved And Know It  
    TFM091   Snakes In The Church (preached at the National Baptist Convention-Orlando, FL)  
    TFM092   Fainting Christians  
    TFM093   Leaving Out The Same Way You Came In  
    TFM094   Moving On Up A Little Higher  
    TFM095   Bring Me My Money  
    TFM096   You Can’t Miss First Base And Win The Game  
    TFM097   The Christian Walking Stick  
    TFM098   From Test To Testimony  
    TFM100   Christians In The Get-A -Way Car  
    TFM101   A Burning Heart  
    TFM102   Jesus At The House Of Mercy  
    TFM105   Surprise, Surprise, Surprise  
    TFM107   Life Is Like A Ballgame  
    TFM109   When Jesus Broke Up A Funeral  
    TFM110   Seven Up To Jericho Road  
    TFM111   Prisoner Of The Lord  
    TFM112   The Man Who Had Everything But The Main Thing  
    TFM113   The Olympic Christians  
    TFM114   Will The Real God Please Stand Up  
    TFM116   Four Faces Of A Christian  
    TFM118   When God Shows Up Late  
    TFM119   No Grown Folks In Heaven  
    TFM121   Playing In The Sand  
    TFM122   Break Jail At Midnight (dual sermon by Rev. Flemming, Sr. and Rev. Flemming, Jr.)  
    TFM123   Showdown On Mount Carmel (dual sermon by Rev. Flemming, Sr. and Rev. Flemming, Jr.)  
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  Three Blind Men Series-TSR300    
    TSR301   Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior    
    TSR302   An Awesome Testimony    
    TSR303   The Need For A Double Touch    

The AI Am@ Series-TSR500

TSR501                     I Am The Good Shepherd
TSR502                     I Am The First And The Last
TSR503                     I Am At The Door, Standing, Knocking
TSR504                     I Am The Light Of The World
TSR505                     I Am The True Vine
TSR506                     I Am The Bread Of Life
TSR507                     I Am The Way, The Truth, and The Life
TSR508                     I Am The Resurrection And The Life

The Nature Series-TSR700

TSR701                     Gospel Of The Bicycle
TSR702                     Gospel Of The Broom
TSR703                     Gospel Of The Mirror
TSR704                     Gospel Of The Nail
TSR705                     Gospel Of The Rooster
TSR706                     Gospel Of The Ant
TSR707                     Gospel Of The Trees
TSR708                     Gospel Of The Bees
TSR709                     Gospel Of The Birds
TSR710                     Gospel Of The Spider
TSR711                     Men Are Like Grass
TSR712                     Gospel Of The Newspaper
TSR713                     Stormy Weather
TSR714                     Gospel Of The Fish
TSR715                     Snakes In The Church
TSR716                     Gospel Of The Snow

The Love Series-TSR800

TSR801                     The World’s Greatest Love Story
TSR802                     The Thrill Is Gone
TSR803                     Trapped By A Thing Called Love (cassette only)
TSR804                     Brotherly Love

The Marriage Series-TSR1000

TSR1001                   How To Save Your Marriage-Part I
TSR1002                   How To Save Your Marriage-Part II

The Christmas Series-TSR1100

TSR1101                   God In A Stable
TSR1102                   Don’t Forget The Baby
TSR1103                   When Jesus Came To Earth
TSR1104                   Mr. Wonderful
TSR1105                   Mary Had A Little Lamb
TSR1106                   What If Mary Would Have Had An Abortion
TSR1107                   We Should All Be Pregnant Like Mary
TSR1108                   Get Out Of The Cradle
TSR1109                   When God Got Serious
TSR1110                   People Who Miss Christmas
TSR1111                   Going Home Another Way
TSR1112                   How To Be Wise Like The Wise Men

The Life and Times Of Moses Series-TSR1200

TSR1201                   The Call Of Moses
TSR1202                   Ten Rounds In The Ring With God
TSR1203                   The Longest Way Around Can Be The Nearest Way Home
TSR1204                   What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do
TSR1205                   Led By A Pillar Of Clouds
TSR1206                   Manna From Heaven And Water From A Rock
TSR1207                   Changing Overnight
TSR1208                   Moses And The Ten Commandments
TSR1209                   The Homegoing Of Moses

The 23rd Psalm Series-TSR1300

TSR1301                   The Lord Is My Shepherd
TSR1302                   Tender Grass And Quiet Water
TSR1303                   The Restoration Of The Sheep
TSR1304                   How To Have Peace In The Valley
TSR1305                   When God Puts On An Apron
TSR1306                   The Sheep With An Anointed Head
TSR1307                   The Overflowing Cup
TSR1308                   Two Big Brothers Of A Christian

The Lord’s Prayer Series-TSR1400

TSR1401                   The Fatherhood Of God
TSR1402                   A Prayer For Reverence
TSR1403                   Thy Kingdom Come
TSR1404                   Thy Will Be Done
TSR1405                   A Prayer For Bread
TSR1406                   A Hard Prayer To Pray
TSR1407                   A Prayer Against Temptation
TSR1408                   A Prayer For Deliverance
TSR1409                   A Prayer For Doxology
TSR1410                   Say Amen, Somebody

The David Series-TSR1500

TSR1501                   How To Kill A Giant
TSR1502                   Five Smooth Stones
TSR1503                   The Glory Of A Time Friendship
TSR1504                   When Saul Comes After You
TSR1505                   How To Behave In A Cave
TSR1506                   The Man Who Played The Fool
TSR1507                   Beauty And The Beast
TSR1508                   When You’re Down And Out
TSR1509                   The King Comes To His Throne
TSR1510                   Raiders Of The Lost Ark
TSR1511                   The Crippled Man Of Lodebar
TSR1512                   Trouble On The Rooftop
TSR1513                   A Young, Good Looking Devil
TSR1514                   When God Says, No
TSR1515                   When David Goofed Up


The Water Series-TSR1600

TSR1601                   A Thirsty Man
TSR1602                   Get Your Feet Wet
TSR1603                   A Strong Swimmer
TSR1604                   It’s Going To Rain
TSR1605                   A Well Sitting On A Well
TSR1606                   Unstable As Water
TSR1607                   Wade In The Water
TSR1608                   Go Jump In The River
TSR1609                   When Water Gets In Your Boat
TSR1610                   Can You Walk On Water

When God Makes A Man Series-TSR1700

TSR1701                   The Making Of Isaiah
TSR1702                   The Making Of Moses
TSR1703                   The Making Of Paul
TSR1704                   The Making Of Peter

Revelation Series-TSR2500

TSR2501                   Revelation Chapters 1 & 2
TSR2502                   Revelation Chapters 3 & 4
TSR2503                   Revelation Chapters 5 & 6
TSR2504                   Revelation Chapters 7, 8, & 9
TSR2505                   Revelation Chapters 10 & 11
TSR2506                   Revelation Chapters 12 & 13
TSR2507                   Revelation Chapters 14, 15, & 16
TSR2508                   Revelation Chapters 17
TSR2509                   Revelation Chapters 18 & 19
TSR2510                   Revelation Chapters 20
TSR2511                   Revelation Chapters 21 & 22

The Purpose Of: Series-TSR2600

TSR2601                   The Purpose Of Fasting I
TSR2602                   The Purpose Of Fasting II
TSR2603                   The Purpose Of Baptism
TSR2604                   The Purpose Of Water Baptism
TSR2605                   The Purpose Of Speaking In Tongues
TSR2606                   The Purpose Of The Church
TSR2607                   The Purpose Of The Anointing
TSR2608                   The Purpose Of The Holy Ghost
TSR2609                   The Purpose Of The Laying Of Hands
TSR2610                   The Purpose Of The Suffering

A How To Cope With The Uncopeable@

TSR3701                   How To Handle Rejection
TSR3702                   How To Handle Depression
TSR3703                   How To Handle Opposition
TSR3704                   How To Handle Stress
TSR3705                   How To Handle Bitterness
TSR3706                   How To Handle Insecurity
TSR3707                   How To Handle Disappointment
TSR3708                   How To Handle Those Who Hurt You
TSR3709                   How To Handle Those Who Criticize You
TSR3710                   How To Handle Anger
TSR3711                   How To Handle Fear
TSR3712                   How To Handle Worry
TSR3713                   How To Handle Loneliness
TSR3714                   How To Handle The Death Of A Loved One
TSR3715                   How To Forgive The Unforgivable
TSR3716                   How To Break A Stubborn Habit

The King Is Coming – TSR4000

TSR4001                   The Rapture
TSR4002                   The Beast From The Sea
TSR4003                   The Seven Seals
TSR4004                   The Golden Age Of The Millenium
TSR4005                   You Can Go To Hell
TSR4006                   You Can Go To Heaven

The Hot New Sermons Series – TSR4500

TSR4501                   Fish In The Net
TSR4501                   The Need For A Drunk Church
TSR4503                   Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

The Daniel Series –TFM3800

TSR3801                    The Man Who Refused to Eat at the King’s Table
TSR3802                    The King’s Nightmare
TSR3803                    How to Be A Fireproof Christian
TSR3804                    The King Eating Grass
TSR3805                    The Finger That Broke Up A Party
TSR3806                    Keep Your Window Open
TSR3807                    The Beastly Nations
TSR3808                    The Dream That Made The Prophet Faint
TSR3809                    God’s Time Clock
TSR3810                    Daniel Confronts Unseen Spirits
TSR3811                    Wars and Rumors of Wars
TSR3812                    A Final Word From Daniel

Mr and Mrs of the Bible Series

                   Mrs. Much Married (The Woman at the Well)
                   Mr. Clean (The Healing of the Leper)
                   Mr. Walk Away (The Rich Young Ruler)
                   Mr. Won't Come Down (Nehemiah)
                   Mr. Big Stuff, Who Do You Think You Are? (King Nebuchadnezzar)
                   Mrs. Look Back (Lot's Wife)
                   Mr. Two Faced (Judas)
                   Mr. Look Up (Psalms 121)
                   Mr. No Show (Thomas)
                   Mr. Mess Up (Peter)
                   Mr. Wonderful (The Wonderful Christ)
                   Mr. Anyhow (Paul)
                   Mr. & Mrs. Low Down (Ahab & Jezebel)
                   Mr. I know (Psalm 56)
                   Miss Broke but not Broken (Woman with the issue of Blood)
                   Mr. Comeback (Samson & Prodigal Son)
                   Mr. Show Out (King David)
                   Mr. Hope (Psalm 42)
                   Mr. Withered Hand (The Man with the Withered Hand)
                   Mr. Drop Out (Demus)



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MAN001                    Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
MAN002                    Three Crosses On A Hill
MAN003                    The Lost Axe Head
MAN004                    Sightseeing In Heaven
MAN005                    A Fool On A Mule In The Middle Of The Road
MAN006                    The Church In The Junkyard
MAN007                    The Gospel Of The Broom
MAN008                    Sleeping In The Wrong Woman’s Lap
MAN009                    Sin, A Spoiler
MAN010                    A Little Dab Will Do
MAN011                    What Jealousy Will Do
MAN012                    It Wasn’t Much, But It Was Enough
MAN013                    How To Come Out On Top
MAN014                    A Good Daddy With A Bad Boy
MAN015                    How To Have Church
MAN016                    Holding On To Heaven When Hell Is On Your Back
MAN017                    If Jesus Had Run Away
MAN018                    Snakes In The Church
MAN019                    Nothing Can Keep A Child Of God Down
MAN020                    Stormy Weather
MAN021                    A Drunk Church
MAN022                    Jesus At The House Of Mercy
MAN023                    The Secret Of A Burning Heart
MAN024                    Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Dry Bones
MAN025                    I’m Penniless, But Not Powerless
MAN026                    There Is Hope For Humpty Dumpty
MAN027                    Mr. Big Stuff, God Is Trying To Tell You Something
MAN028                    The Making Of Isaiah

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TSR5200                   Rev. Flemming Sings Live In Europe
TSR5300                   Rev. & Mrs. Flemming Sings Live Recital
TSR5400                   Rev. Flemming Sings Live Recital

  Dual Sermons By Rev. Flemming, Sr. & Jr.-TSR6000 Top of Page    

TSR6001                   Breaking Jail At Midnight

  Sermons by The Late Aric Bernard Flemming Top of Page    

ABF001                     Check Yourself
ABF002                     Do You Really Know The Lord?
ABF003                     What Makes God Tick?
ABF004                     Possessing Power And Authority

  Sermons by Timothy Flemming, Jr. Top of Page    

TFJ001                      The Defining Moment
TFJ002                      How Big Is Your Thorn?
TFJ003                      Like A Child
TFJ004                      Born To Be Blind
TFJ005                      The Price of Sight
TFJ006                      How God Deals With Castaways
TFJ007                      How To Be On One Accord With Yourself
TFJ008                      A Burning Question
TFJ009                      How To Fail An Un-fail-able Task
TFJ010                      Another Fallen Solider
TFJ011                      This Day
TFJ012                      Asking The Right Questions
TFJ013                      Too Tired To Be Tired
TFJ014                      How To Function As A Christian
TFJ015                      Go Home
TFJ016                      Conviction To Eviction
TFJ017                      Avoiding Satanic Strongholds
TFJ018                      What To Do After You Get Saved
TFJ019                      Trial and Triumph